Networked Media Projects (Current):


The project Cooperative Quality of Experience Management for Interactive Cloud-Based Multimedia Applications in Mobile Networks is a 36-month project funded by the Croatian Science Foundation that will  propose a cooperative QoE management scheme exploiting new QoE knowledge and business models centred around cooperative efforts between cloud/service providers and mobile network operators in order to achieve more efficient management of network/system resources, while enhancing the end user experience when using advanced multimedia applications. Novel approaches for coordination and information exchange among actors involved in the service delivery chain will be proposed beyond those available in today's networks. Resource allocation and service adaptation algorithms will be proposed targeting different optimization strategies and taking into account multiple stakeholder perspectives.


Networked Media Projects (Past):


Projekt Informacijska i komunikacijska tehnologija za generička i energetski učinkovita komunikacijska rješenja s primjenom u e-/m-zdravstvu (ICTGEN) usmjeren je na istraživanje, razvoj i inovacije u sektoru informacijske i komunikacijske tehnologije (ICT) kao jedan od pokretača održivog gospodarskog razvoja.


The project Human-centric Communication in Smart networks (HUTS) is a 36-month project funded by the Croatian Science Foundation that will address open questions regarding smart networks and human-centric communication in which data is both gathered from – and provided to – humans, anywhere and at any time, responding to their current needs.